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My style of retouching focuses on corrections and enhancements that bring out the existing strengths of a photograph without marring the original intent. I have over 6 years experience in retouching with Photoshop and have worked with companies, models, individuals, and families to enhance their business, portfolio and/or portrait images.

A general pricing guide with further information about the retouching services I offer is listed below. However, please keep in mind that pricing varies upon the amount of work needed. For a final quote, please get in touch by filling out the form on the connect page or by email at

Current and future photography clients wanting additional digital files than the selected package offers will receive highly discounted pricing and special pricing applies for all clients which are interested in long term collaborations or have bulk orders containing more than 5 photos.

BASIC EDITING (pricing starts at $5.00)
This service is suitable for clients wanting basic editing done to their images like: overall color and contrast correction, black and white or sepia versions, image resizing, and cropping.

PORTRAIT RETOUCHING (pricing starts at $10.00)
This service includes: minor blemish or wrinkle removal, overall color and contrast correction, red eye removal, eye lightening, and teeth whitening.

DELUXE RETOUCHING (pricing starts at $15.00)
This service includes all of the benefits of portrait retouching while kicking it up a notch adding heavier blemish and wrinkle removal, natural skin smoothing, skin tone corrections, make-up and more detailed eye enhancements, lighting enhancements, and shining of the hair – making this package perfect for models, talent, individuals and families wanting their portraits to look naturally flawless.

ADVANCED RETOUCHING (pricing starts at $25.00)
This service includes the above packages plus more advanced enhancements and corrections like facial and body modification, object removal, clothes, and background clean up.

OVERHAUL RETOUCHING (pricing starts at $40.00)
This is a service that provides drastic improvements devoted to concept photography where images can be combined to blend seamlessly together, like introducing the same person into one image or adding flying pigs over someone’s head.

CAN YOU [insert what you would like done] TO MY PHOTO?
There are many things that can be done to an image, just look through a few magazines. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you would like editing or enhancements that have not been mentioned on this page. If you want something done and are unsure if it is possible than just ask, I will let you know if I can do it or not.